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Bosquito omul perete

Halal am ajuns ca oras! My delightful bird of prey, pecking my life gracefully Busting my dreams into slivers every day. My delightful bird of prey, pecking my life gracefully Busting my dreams into slivers every day My deceiving bird of prey, pecking my soul vengefully Busting my dreams into slivers… every day.

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Melodiile nu am sa le pun intr-o ordine specifica. Islands that he arranged write the diary of your pain fueling a craving for crime….

Parcul ala,cel in care vreti voi sa faceti carciuma aceea,e asa de cand m-am nascut si nu numai! Fa si tu ceva util si semneaza petitia asta: Again chills are running down my spine.

Life is a siren song o,ul a thousand charms, a thousand harms Demands a leap of faith so she can get you drowned yeah, onul bitch. Mushroom pushes me Seven bosses rave at me, Pseudo-Mozart ha. Wolves,crabs and butterflies Voodoo people wearing ties Sprinkle needles in my eyes. I plunged into the business of heaven and hell, after the red curtain fell People were free, free to explore how religion would smell, I learnt how to bow to monks and to priests who spread the apocalypse freight They preached of God while teaching young lads of rectum in the night.

Azi e ziua mea Rad cu pofta si se ia Inc-un pedete, inc-un an S-a mai dus pe tobogan Iubita mea Rock and roll pe canapea Pe sub riduri, peste ani Noi ramanem doi pustani, pustani. Am ramas cu totul surprinsa de peret de fain suna melodiile alea cantate de Igor. Omule perete iar ma impiedic de tine eeeeeee Omule perete iar ma impiedic Omule perete iar ma impiedic de tine eeeee Omule perete iar ma impiedici.

Dar de ajuns cu plansul.

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Va las cu un filmulet de la unul din concertele bosquitp pana data viitoare cand voi veni cu un material pe care l-am pregatit, unul destul de interesant. Am gasit melodii de la pupaza Lady GaGa ,cantate de el.

Will you frighten me? I fry my marbles on a fork at the restaurant where Bossuito work, fry my marbles on a fork. Am sa pun 2 piese cantate de Igor. Ei bine, de data asta mi-a dat un video de pe youtube ,care e genial. Sa mai aiba de unde fura bani de la saracul asta oras?!

Nenorociti care nu stiu cum sa ne ia si mai multi bani din buzunare! Mai intai voi pune melodia Bad Romance de la pupaza aceea. Mother I become a hooligan Oh, oh born again a hooligan Sliding away, tearing up shreds of your son!

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The gypsy road got me to lonely people just like you Some are fools, some are hacks, some saints that with broken backs Money people have no shame Voodoo dancing on their grave… Hey beautiful fucked up people, can I join your train? Thank you for sharing out your cage! I fell from grace anyway…. De la el facusi rost d Cd-ul lor care este genial. Corporate kings, fools and presidents Spread the seeds of emptiness We are billions but still alone we stand.

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Omule perete iar ma impiedic de tine eeeeee Omule perete iar ma impiedici Omule pedete imi stai in soare ,vezi bine. Mai jos,aveti toate informatiile necesare in legatura cu acest concert mult asteptat. Apoi lasati-o asa cum e! Dupa ce ca avem doar o bucatica de loc in care ne putem si noi relaxa in amaratul asta de oras, ne baga o carciuma pe gat ca sa ce??! Si aici sunt pozele: Azi e ziua mea Dar-ar dacii-n ea Inc-un an, inc-un an S-a mai dus pe tobogan E ziua mea Tine-oglinda n-o misca Paru alb sta rebel Insa zambetu-i la fel, la fel.

Three Kabbalah writings scrawled upon my wall Watcha doing love?

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