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Quaqua look and feel

FileChooserUI does now fall back to javax. JTree supports now the "sidebar" style on Tiger. Due to rounding errors, some colors, such as RGB 0,,0 were changed to other values when the color chooser was opened; The text fields were too short for J2SE 1.

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Color picker threw a null pointer exception when used.

Attempted to fix issue 26 - set current directory does not work. No, you can't, except for development purposes. Inherit title of parent frame when displaying JSheet like a regular dialog.

Quaqua Look and Feel

Focus was not set correctly when dialog is opened. LayoutStyle Fixes issue Calls requestFocusInWindow on mouse pressed. Tweaked vertical topmost position of thumb. Overview Quaqua Look looo Feel. Jar file didn't work with J2SE1.

Draws now in a NSBox like style. Such as small styles for most of the components, as well as a striped style for tables, lists and trees. Borderless JButtons and JButtons with custom borders can now be made smaller than the minimal button width.

Set this property to false to turn this behavior off. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. A custom file preview component can now be set using the client property "Quaqua.

Download Quaqua Look and Feel Mac

Post as a guest Name. Sidebar of the QuaquaPantherFileChooserUI erroneously suported multiple selection of items instead of single selection. Makes JFileChooser's automatically validate the contents of a directory, when the user clicks at it. Draw focused selection color, if table is editing a cell. Kook design for TabbedPaneUI can be switched off.

Quaqua Look and Feel ยท Changes

The file kind is now retrieved from the Finder. Editions The Quaqua Look and Feel is available in two editions. Bounces dock icon when sheet is opened implemented using JNI. Parts of the popup button were cut of when the visual margin was set to zero.

Fixed keyboard navigation in tree. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Mac OS X controls should always be center-equalized. A full fledged edition providing as much user interface elements by Quaqua as possible.

Popup menus use now a rounded border on Leopard and Snow-Leopard. Aqua does not just look different than other user interfaces, it feels different as well. Currently, UI delegates for the following components are provided by Quaqua: This results in many improvements when running Java 1. When loik create layouts based on the AHIG guidelines using the Quaqua Look and Feel Quaquait is important, that you are aware of the following issues:. Added support for binary PList files. Listeners were not properly installed, due to this, accelerators did not work always.

Displays horizontal scrollbar on Leopard filechooser only if needed.

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