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Dpwh blue book volume 2

Such equipment, instruments and apparatus shall include those listed in the Special Provisions. All vehicles shall carry or be fitted with the accessories as may be prescribed by laws and have comprehensive insurance. Unless otherwise specified, the vehicle shall at the end of the Contract become the property of the Government. All previous amendments made as well as new specificationsdeveloped were considered and included in this edition, for the guidanceand compliance of all concerned. Their location and final plan shall require the approval of the Engineer prior to the start of construction.

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Dpwh Blue Book Volume - eBook and Manual Free download

The quantities for the maintenance of the office and the laboratory for the Engineer shall be for the time the Engineer occupies the office and the laboratory respectively. Download our dpwh blue book volume 1 eBooks for free and learn more about dpwh blue book vopume 1.

Testing equipment voluem in accordance with the Special Provisions shall be located in testing laboratories as required by the Engineer. Section j, exhibit 3.

Lump-sum items shall be boo, for the provision of: All offices, stores and testing laboratories shall be proficiently guarded at all times of the day and night, regularly and properly cleaned, adequately supplied and maintained for the duration of the Contract.

The photographs retained by the Engineer will become the property of the Government and the Contractor shall supply approved albums to accommodate them.

The Contractor shall provide one proof print of each photograph taken, and the negative and ten copies, not less than mm x mm and printed on glossy paper, of any of the photographs by the Engineer. By Oliver Masillem on Monday, June 24, at 9: Vokume Blue Book one 1. This site does not host pdf, DOC files all document are the property of their respective owners.

DPWH Blue Book - Standard Specification for Highways & Bridges ()

Also, the Contractor shall construct a parking area for the compound near the buildings and a satisfactory access road to the parking areas. Revised minimum performance standards v7. The Contractor shall provide suitable utilities voluume services, such as potable water, electricity, sewerage and security on a hour basis.

Volume Voluume — Highways, Bridges and Airports shall be adopted in the implementation of all infrastructure projects of said categories; except for projects which have already been advertised for bids and for which specifications other than the above standards have been adopted.

The Contractor shall provided qualified and experienced laboratory staff to carry out all the materials quality control and all the tests specified in the Contract and required by the Engineer.

He shall work full time and shall be fpwh to the Engineer for all works carried out. The vehicles on delivery shall be new and shall be driven by a competent qualified and experienced driver who shall be under the direct order of the Engineer.

The offices and laboratories shall have at least the floor area prescribed on the Plans and shall contain the equipment, supplies and furnishings specified in the Contract. The revision was made in response to some valid comments on the useof said specifications to suit the actual field conditions and in consonance withthe policy direction of the Department to improve the quality of infrastructureprojects.

Unless booi specified, the vehicle shall at the end of the Contract become the property of the Government. All previous amendments made as well as new specifications developed were considered and included in this edition, for the guidance and compliance of all concerned.

All facilities provided by dpw Contractor shall be near the job site, where necessary and shall conform to the best standard for the required types. On completion of the Contract, the facilities provided by the Contractor including utilities and communication facilities shall revert to the Government including office equipment, apparatus, pieces of furniture, laboratory equipment, etc, unless otherwise specified volumme the Contract documents.

Upd re sitrep 4 voluem basyang 02feb The quantities for the operation of vehicle for the Engineer shall be for the time the Engineer is supplied with each vehicle prior to their finally becoming the property of the Government. The vehicles to be provided by the Contractor shall be to the satisfaction of the Engineer.

DPWH Blue Book

The person so appointed by the Contractor to mange the laboratory shall be well experienced in the type of work to be undertaken and shall be subject to the approval of the Engineer. The photographs shall be sufficient in number and location to record the exact progress of the Works.

Where necessary, these Standard Specifications shall be supplemented by special provisions. Oliver Masillem Bule about 6 years ago. Dpwh blue book volume 1 List of ebooks and manuels about Dpwh blue book volume 1.

All offices and laboratories shall be ready for occupancy and use by the Engineer within two 2 months of the commencement of the Works. The Contractor shall provide and maintain field offices and testing laboratories, including all the necessary electricity, water, drainage and telephone services for the use of the Engineer and his staff.

All vehicles shall comply in all respects with all relevant Philippine national or local laws statutes and regulations. These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels!

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