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Ps3 save resigner

For those trying to use the program: Scroll down for the next article. Never to be seen again.

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The link for the PS3 Save Resigner is either outdated or does not work anymore: It does it on gta 5 too nothing has worked yet its it the pfd tool? Were you able to find an alternate link for the aldostool link?

Ps3 save resigner - NextGenUpdate

Share your thoughts in the comments section below the article! I retried the method and this time it didn't freeze but it shows invalid save on the game.

Close the profile pop-up. Will this process work?

This fixed my problem with ps3 saying that it is someone else saved game. If so, how do I fix it? Annex, it works for me on Skyrim. I follow your tutorial and save my life! So I canceled though figuring newer was better. Like Dave mentioned, Simon skipped part regarding hitting resign button at the end and before final save to USB disk: Stay informed saave joining our newsletter!

If you go back to step 3 of this guide right now, it should work like a charm. Some save games will throw an error when you load them into [PS3] Save Resigner. When I accidentally turned off the power supply before the PS3 redigner turning off, my saves were damaged and lost a lot of Batman Lego progress, all "medals" on Heavenly Sword, my Ninja Gaiden saves: It either tells you that you are using other's people data, the resigner freezes when you RESIGN it something you forgot to put in your tutorial ssve it never loads the savefile.

So this will be useful. Is there somebody I can contact by phone somewhere for like some step by step support. Scroll down for the next article. Either it will load my old save files or if I didnt have an old save for the game im trying to play it will treat it as though its a new game even though I have my downloaded save files on my ps3. When I try to load the save, I got a corrupted file message.

Here's every way to back up your PS3 saves to a local drive or the cloud. I bookmark the page for future use! Therefore im using Hex editor to try and gain access to the codes.

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How to resign Ps3 save rewigner using save resign noob proof Discussion in ' Playstation 3 Guides ' started by seanpr92Jan 6, Awesome write up, thank you Can you please elaborate on something for me, the bit where you say "Copy the entire output; all four lines. Could that be the problem?

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. It doesn't work at all. That copy of Lego Batman you had almost finished? Playstation support hand me delete five years of game saves during a call to them for a simple procedure and I can't get them back and only had some backed up so I really want to use this.

SFO and browse to the original save game you transferred to your computer in step 1. The application is missing some crucial data it needs to process the save game.

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