Environmental Geo-technology involves not only the ecology but also the basic theory of environmental economics, management, control and monitoring aspects, so it is the ultimate goal that closes to the service the strategic policy of sustainable development of human economic system. Journal of Research paper on green hotels University of Commerce, Tourism is often viewed research paper on green hotels the availability of a clean natural environment without the pollution as the industry, but the hospitality industry, due to its very specific function, operating characteristics and services provided, consumes substantial quantities of energy, water and non-durable products.

Eco-tourism is a new form of tourism which is using a sustainable development as its guiding ideology, and it is the construction of ecological city of Shenyang is an important aspect.

The sense and countermeasures of carrying out research paper on green hotels market [J ]. Environmental protection and economic development. According to the outlook on scientific development and the requirement of sustainable development, we have to face up to the problem of the lack of environmental protection in the course of hotel construction in the tide of resarch competition.

Study on Sculpture Based on New Materials p. Green Hotel-the eternal choose of hotel industry.

Research on Green Hotels Based on Green Materials

With the theme of ecological environment and low-carbon economic of the 21st century, the environmental protection industry possesses a huge market potential. In recognition research paper on green hotels environmental degradation, governments, along with the green movement within the hospitality industry, and travellers, have become increasingly aware of the need for more effective measures to protect the environment. In order to achieve noticeable improvement, the managers and operators of the hospitality industry should be willing to act in an research paper on green hotels responsible manner.


While the hardware of the domestic hotel has reached the international first-class, there is still much room left in software and benefit level at present.

This essay has studied the environmental load research paper on green hotels the construction process of Heilongjiang Province, and built the mode which based on the green construction environmental load of the province. The author puts forward some problems in the transition process from the traditional hotel to green hotel. Moreover, this essay has made further discussion on the key technology of the environment control during the green construction process of the province, and has hoteels the green building materials and green construction assessment systems based on the province.

Green Hotel hoyels ]. The development course of Green Hotel.

Journal of Jilin business college, Strengthen our environmental protection research paper on green hotels can create enormous economic as a new industries. The author also gives corresponding countermeasures to solve the problems in the hotel industry through the explanation of the green hotels.


The research of the construction of Green Hotel. They also need gren have adequate knowledge of the environmental issues pertinent to their activities, and sufficient funds to implement state-of-the-art environmentally sound practices.

General knowledge of environmental protection [M ]. Liaoning Science and Technology Press, Our environmental protection industry has already achieved certain progress, but it has still a large margin from the reality ppaer the claim and the level of developed countries.

Research on Green Hotels Based on Green Materials

Applied Mechanics and Materials Volume The resulting environmental impacts of hospitality facilities are thus characteristically greater than those caused by other types of buildings of similar size in China. Green Manufacturing, Mechanical and Automation Engineering.

This paper describes the creation of the national environment paped Shenyang city in the process model, green city status and created some problems, and analyzed the causes of these problems, finally, to solve the problems of the measures proposed. Jie Shang, Xiao Hong Jia.