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Honework to Print support. Looking for some fun Math Challenges These challenges are a great way to extend more able mathematicians and develop thinking and problem solving skills.

All the divisions on the thermometer are marked. Using this page will help you to: Read, to the nearest division and half-division, scales that are numbered or partially numbered Block D Year 4: A certificate is a great way to praise achievement in math learning.

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These sheets cover telling the time for quarter past and quarter to times. You can set the scale on the cylinder to a maximum of 50, or units and reading scales homework year 2 scale interval to 1, 2, 5 or 10 units. Help If you can not see all of the details on your screen at the same time you can use your browser controls to zoom out.

This website uses cookies. These sheets involve reading scales going up in ones, fives, tens and hundreds to find the length, weight or liquid capacity.

Read, to the nearest division and half-division, scales that are numbered or partially numbered Block D. Click it often as you work through the questions to see if you are answering them correctly. Please note that measurements in the US and UK differ for weights and liquid volumes. There are two different reading scales homework year 2 activities.


Support Us If you are a regular user of reading scales homework year 2 site and appreciate what we do, please consider making a small donation to help us with our costs. Using the inlet and outlet controls to set the amount of liquid to pour in and out of the cylinder offers the opportunity for the yeae of multiplication repeated addition and division repeated subtraction too.

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Here is our selection of telling the time worksheets for 1st grade. You can simply turn the taps on and off and ask questions that involve prediction, addition and subtraction. Featured Activity Tower of Hanoi Move reading scales homework year 2 pieces of the tower from one place to another in the minimum number of moves.

The second activity involves writing down the correct measurement for the length of a line – a ruler has been correctly positioned underneath. ITP measuring cylinder Related Worksheets.

Do you have any comments? This section contains our 3rd grade time worksheets readimg help children tell the time in multiples of 5 minutes.


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Game Objectives New Maths Curriculum: Learning and understanding Mathematics, at every level, requires learner engagement.

Using the sheets in this section will help your child to: Sometimes traditional teaching fails to actively involve students.

There is also reading scales homework year 2 online converter to do it all for you automatically! Using these chart will help you to: Using these second grade math worksheets will help your child to: Level 2 – Reading a circular scale in ones, twos, tens and fives. Login Reasing a Member Feedback.

They are good at developing an understanding of the language used in time. Level 3 – Reading a linear scales showing decimals.