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Simsun chinese font

I've already mentioned the "centered" and "baseline" variants for some fonts' full-width, and full-width also includes the half-comma used, for example, in lists. Can I buy Simsun font? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

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You can change the Chinese characters to any other font that supports Chinese. But many Japanese forms differ subtly from the Chinese originals, so you have to be very careful e. Virtually all Chinese fonts include both full-width forms full width of a character and half-width or proportional forms.

Doc1 : Chinese Bold font SIMSUN can not display well

All major operating systems and several office suites will come with typefaces in this style. I see I also mistyped "SinoType.

The Chinese Mac site lists some Chinese type foundries who offer multiple weights of the most common styles. Please enter a title.

Can I buy Simsun font? or advice on Chinese fonts? | Typophile

Additionally, that weird Word automatically uses another font if the document uses characters not in the 'default' font. If it is, uninstall it and reinstall it. Songti, or Song typeface, refers to a basic serif style of Chinese characters. If you are really lucky, you can substitute a Japanese font, and the Kozuko Mincho Pro bundled with Adobe products offers several weights.

Anyone with experience of using chinese fonts your advice would be greatly appreciated. Greeting from Ireland, I have been in the industry longer than I wish to remember and have been asked to design my first chinese advert, the fonts asked for are Simsun or Songti. Make sure you use fonts for Simplified Chinese, as this is what you will presumably need considering that they are ront for Simsun.

Punctuation is a ton of fun.

However, unless you need to input Chinese directly from the keyboard -- if you can get away with importing or copy-and-pasting Chinese characters typed by someone else -- I would not install the input systems "IME" on either Mac or Windows.

Both categorize fonts by language roughlywith the Chonese Asian sections easily missed near the bottom of the font list. Thank you both for your replies. One of these days I'll have to update OS X. Adobe Ming offers fewer simplified chars, and the default punctuation is set up for either vertical or horizontal setting meaning periods fall in the center of the line of type.

Correct Answers - 10 points.

If I use it in TextEdit and either save as pdf or print as pdf, the font is embedded. Log in or register to post comments.

Ridiculously simple, should have seen it. I've already mentioned the "centered" and "baseline" variants for some fonts' full-width, and full-width also includes the half-comma used, for example, in lists. You don't have JavaScript enabled. The CS packages come with a plethora of fonts -- if you don't have them installed, check your DVDs for the Fonts folder. As Jongware said, you might want to consider substituting something else for Simsun.

TTC means Truetype font Collection, and Simsun, siimsun properly installed, should show up in Indesign near the bottom of the font list, not in the S section.

SimSun font family - Typography | Microsoft Docs

I have checked that the font is on my PC - it shows up as a ttc, not a ttf, but is selectable in Microsoft products and not Adobe ones. Indesign separates fonts by encoding, and it starts with all the roman fonts first. Different weights can be very handy, of course, but are not so freely available. I'm sure there is on-line help for installing Chinese on Windows, though the process is pretty straight-forward Regional and Language Options under the Control Panel.

Please type your message and try again. The Chinese Mac site provides a great deal of information on Chinese fonts for both Mac and Windows, and also offers instruction on getting started with Chinese for various versions of the Mac OS.

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