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Dobro znaj da uvek tu sam ja

Music for your Website. Write a comment What do you think about song "Dobro Znaj"? Delije is plural and the singular form for a Red Star fan would be a Delija.

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And that night when i die and drink last beer for you and on that sky where I am going shines my Red Star. The name Delije was actually used by a hooligan group during the early 's.

Many of these supporters fought in Croatia and Bosnia, and were led by Arkan. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Dobro znaj da uvek tu sam ja!

Let us know in the comments below! One day when everything passes - Dobro Znaj - http: However, the name has become a representaion of all Red Star fans.

Dobro Znaj Lyrics English translation

Delije - Dobro znaj Leave us feedback. Know well that I am always here know well that I won't ever to leave you, to forget you know well that i am always here. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. An unexpected error has been encountered.

Gimna Zvezde Delije Sever. Zvezda ja zivot Delije Sever. Dobro znaj da uvek tu sam ja dobro znaj da necu nikada da te ostavim, da te zaboravim dobro znaj da uvek tu sam ja Zvezdo, znaj, da ludo volim te ja ne mogu dana bez tebe srce svoje sam spreman da ti dam sto za tebe ludo udara Jednog dana kada prodje sve - Dobro Znaj - http: The group unofficially ended due to the civil war in Yugoslavia.

Pesme sa severa Delije Sever. When they are not at their beloved North Stand cheering on Red Star they are beating up ttu fans.

Delije u Kragujevcu - Ivkovic Marko! Dobro znaj da uvek tu sam ja!

Help us build the world's largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. Zvezdine Pesme Delije Sever.

Music for your Website. The Delije have become recognized by many as one of the best hooligan groups in the world. Log in to watch more. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Delije u Zznaj - Ivkovic Marko! This action cannot be undone! Want to watch more videos for this song?


Delije is plural and the singular form for a Red Star fan would be a Delija. A rough English translation might be courageous and brave young men or simply "The Heroes". More ubek "Dobro Znaj". Click this button to skip to the next video. Share this page URL of this page: Please select a valid image file. Always play videos fullscreen.

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