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Chonke divoonatam zedbazi

He also serves as a producer in the group alongside Mehrad Hidden. His flow is often slower than the other members, but he makes up for it by having controversial and politically-charged lyrics: And all the web sites and pages are made by their fans, therefore information on those sites cannot be verified.

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Her unique performance in "Tabestoon Kootaheh" made her popular among Iranians. Cnonke often uses dark humor to convey his point. After a period where the group had announced their retirement according toin January They finally released a song called "Zendegie mane" Its my life without Saman Wilson and produced by Mehrad Hidden.

Graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, the consumption of narcotics and violence, were not familiar topics to Iranian listeners. Chonke Divoonatam New And all the web sites and pages are made by their fans, therefore information on those sites cannot be verified. Because even with their fame and popularity the group has not yet released a Music video, and there are only a few professional pictures that are available for fans online.

ZedBazi - Chonke Divoonatam [HQ]

He is considered to be one of the best rhymers in Iranian Hip-Hop. Mehrad Hidden sang one verse in the Remix of Erfan's Khatte man, however because it was a Zedbzzi, it does not represent an original collaboration.

However divoonqtam have said this snobbish attitude towards other artists is because, all the members of the group come from "Upper Class" Tehran as oppose to many other rappers that come from middle-class families.

Vase Har Irani He is known as the father gangsta rap in Iran. He is probably the most controversial member of ZedBazi.

Zedbazi : tous les albums et les singles

In a poll taken from more than viewers ofthe group had 27 percent of the vote among the top 12 artists in Iran. He grew up singing rock songs, and still releases 2 or 3 songs each year as Mehrad Hidden. He has the most dynamic style in the group, in terms of flow and rhymes. He has a divoonattam style of rapping, he often uses wordplay in his rap.

Even though they were one of the first Hip Hop groups, in the country they divionatam have one collaboration, which was with Hichkas in the song "vase har Irani", in which Saman Wilson chonks Hichkas made back in Note: He also serves as one of the groups producers along side Alireza JJ.

Alireza JJ interesting facts you've got here about zebazi! She has only been featured in 4 of the songs of ZedBazi and it is Unknown whether or not she is an official member of the group. - /downloads/full/Zed Bazi/

In their latest song "Iroonie L. She is the only girl who has ever worked with ZedBazi officially. The are also credited with starting a new movement in Iranian Music, A movement that goes against the traditional Iranian popular music. He often takes shots at other chonme and sometimes even his own fans.

Male Ham Boodim In addition to rapping, he usually sings the hooks in ZedBazi's songs. Therefore the group became the most talked about group among teenagers in Tehran that had only heard this type of expression chonle American Rappers.

Choonke divoonatam (English translation)

Khatteh Man Remix Another reason for ZedBazi's fame was that back in when the Saman Wilson made a cover of Eminems without me, there no well known rappers in Iran, and if there were, they did not used "bad language" in their songs. The song is about the being a Iranian celebrity that is rebelling against the norm, with lyrics such as "Its my life do not tell me what is wrong and what is right" and "The reason that we are still here is our ignorant population".

He also serves as a producer in the group alongside Mehrad Hidden. A question that is often posed by ZedBazi's fans is why does the group divolnatam to stay underground? Saman Wilson has not been featured divoonaatm their past 6 singles. He plays the guitar, xedbazi drums, and the piano.

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