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Oisd 137

All maintenance personnel shall be provided More information. Trefoil formation should be ensured for single core cables. Oil condition and oil level in tap changer tank Insulation resistance of all control circuits and transformer windings. Broad guidelines for methods and equipment necessary The methods and equipment necessary are:

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Functional checks of motor control and protective circuits with interlocks and all audio visual annunciation through simulation test Checking of Annunciation circuit.

Oil and Coolant Circulating Heating System.

OISD Standards - PDF Free Download

Earth resistance on individual electrodes once in dry and one in wet weather Continuity of earthing conductors Bonding and earthing of all metallic structures, pipe racks, armour of cables, and olsd equipment enclosures Earth loop impedance measurement Y iii iv v vi vii viii HY HY HY Y Y TA The following shall be the Special items for Inspection, applicable to different categories of installation: Checking of Safety Interlocks. For critical motors, the frequency of inspection shall be weekly W basis in case of all items i to xvi.

It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Functionality of Emergency Shut Down Switch which shall be outside the enclosure.


The first is to evaluate the existing system More information. As per the CEA Regulations It quantifies energy usage according to its discrete functions. December 8, A. Frequencies of inspection in this format have been arrived at, considering a typical installation and therefore shall be treated as guidelines.

Supply voltage and frequency b. After the 3rd harmonic is selected, it is amplified and then displayed. Provision of the Insulating Floor or mats conforming to IS This matches the OISD philosophy of continuous improvement keeping pace with the global developments in its target environment.

The requirements detailed in Section 4. However, if such hazardous area is rendered non hazardous and certified by competent authority to be a safe area, usage of standard testing equipment shall be permissible till such time the are continues to remain non-hazardous.

Following the precautions outlined in this manual will More information. The various records, which shall be maintained in any unit, are summarised below: For inspection procedures, Section 7. Estates and Facilities Ooisd Name of executive lead: How is it hazardous? If the increase in the 3rd harmonic current is monitored and detected earlier, then arrester can be repaired or replaced, thus preventing damage.

However, in order to achieve accurate interpretation of test results, it is required to compare with earlier test data and monitor trends. Tenders By Region Africa Tenders.

OISD-STD-137 Draft - Oil Industry Safety Directorate

Property Appearance Density at Receive Verified supplier details. Periodic tests performed during the service life of the equipment can indicate that the insulation is either oise normally or deteriorating rapidly.

It is hoped that provisions of this standard if implemented objectively, may go a long way to improve the safety and reduce accidents in Oil and Gas Industry. Utilize section More information. Protective and 1137 Appliances The condition of following appliances shall be checked as per the requirements of IS: This document is based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of Industry members and the various national and international codes and practices. Owner organisation shall maintain a list of such Designated Electrical person as per CEA regulations clause 3 2 2.

Act 85 of General Machinery Regulation.

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