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Ireb for windows xp

Florida August 14, , 7: Thanks again for the help!!! Not even under recent devices right?

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My phone is simlock. Cause the reason i restore to original is because once the phone is off, i cant switch it back on even if i use redsnow to start up. If you encountered an error XxInifinityxX December 29,9: Thanks in advance Pramod. O Hahaha Thank you so much!!!! So here is my question: I dont have any shsh files saved im running ror xp could this be the problem?

Download iREB R5 for Windows

As a matter of fact, iREB will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to put your device into a PwnedDFU mode, and then to restore your device using iTunes. I am successfully in pwned DFU mode and try to irwb with iTunes, but it gives me a error.

I have a iphone 4 4. Close all instances of iTunes.

It was previously on firmware 4. Not sure what that was from, but when I built my own custom ipsw as you suggested, all worked fine.

Ireb Windows Xp Windows Xp My S Folder

I now only have a black screen when I try to run iReb I chose the 3Gs option it will automatically go into pwnd dfu eg I dont have to hold in the sleep or the home key.

If you are someone who relies on an unlock, you should know that you cannot fr to a stock IPSW doing which will kick winddows into a recovery loop which I guess you are already in.

So all what you can do right now is to go back to iOS 4. Once saved, use Redsn0w0. When I tried to install the upgrade now, or at least make my phone work again, i got the error code Can you tell me the windpws version of custom IPSW you restored?

It signals that your firmware is restored but your iPhone is in recovery loop.

Can it help me to come out of DFU loop? Restart your PC and then reconnect your iPhone.

iH8Sn0w Updates Standalone Version Of iReb, Which Aids In iOS 6 Restores [Download Now]

However you can use your iPhone as iPod or install apps etc by jailbreaking hacktivating it using this guide http: If Cydia lists your current iOS on its homepage like this http: You have to tell me winsows exact error code of iTunes you are getting.

I am on a 3g iphone 3. That should get you out of the DFU loop. Download the DLL from here http: The BB version once updated windlws never be reverted back to an earlier version unlike the iOS.

Thank you so much!!! Meu iphone 4 com versao 4. Thanks for the help.

Fortunately fix recovery for iOS 4. I already tried many ways but the result is still the same failed. I have altered the hosts file; looked at internet and firewall configs and basically prayed to every being there is — PLEASE can you help. I still dont know how to solve the problem though and appreciate any kind of help.

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