Reserving some seats for women to contest exclusively to the membership of Parliament and State Assembly is constitutionally compatible though politically controversial.

Reservaion is expected the Bill will change the society to give equal status to women. If a state or union territory as only one seat in the Lok Sabha that seat shall be reserved for women in the first general election of every cycle of three elections.

Comprehensive Essay on Woman’s Reservation

If reservations policy is accepted as an instrument of development and empowerment, this Bill translates that policy in to law. Despite all this, women are playing an important part in Indian politics today. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Right from inception to the death they have to pass through reservayion man-made travails, trials and ordeals.

Very little has changed at one essay on reservation of womens in parliament since Independence. In order to empower women, to make them partner in the decision-making process, to promote and safeguard their interests it we contemplated to pass a Womend in the Parliament granting them 33 per cent reservation in the Parliament and State Legislatures.

The different parties have divergent views over the issue. This Bill is unprecedented and is softly a revolution in the making.

This can be possible if they are given some powers to control their own destiny. Right to contest and prior to that to get enrolled as womes voter are available for all who fulfill basic requirement of age. A majority of the female children are still not being sent to schools and are being deprived of their right to education.

Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Thus despite being increasingly part of the workforce, women are still seen as extensions of the household, in charge of childcare, nurturing and caring. In spite of all this women continue to be discriminated against.


Importance of Reservation of Seats for Women in Parliament | India

It is because of this only that it is said that behind every successful man there a woman that makes him achieve great heights. The supporters and opponents of the bill continue to stick to their guns. It is undisputed that women are generally weaker gender and the figures of their representation reservatiom decision making bodies show grossly insufficient representation.

For essay on reservation of womens in parliament, several law schools in India reservarion a 30 per cent reservation for females. Thus looking at the constitutionality of the issue, reserving seats for women on the basis of their sex is proper and legal.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Many laws, rules essay on reservation of womens in parliament regulations have been enacted to protect the rights and privileges of women in India. In principle providing reservations for women in legislative houses is not against the spirit of equality, though some vehemently pleading that men in those reserved seats are prohibited from contesting which amounts denial of their right to contest.

A woman must, therefore, be given all opportunities to grown.

Studies have shown that women in these far flung rural areas advocated collective and grassroots solutions to local problems. Most often, indeed, they are relegated to the ‘women’s wing’ of the party, and made to concentrate on what are seen as specifically ‘women’s issues’ such as dowry and rape cases, and occasionally on more general concerns like price rise which are seen to affect essay on reservation of womens in parliament.


None can say that it is unconstitutional. We will write a custom essay sample on Reservation for Women specifically for you. Some other politicians feel that grant of reservation of seats in Parliament and legislature is not going to solve the problems of women; it will not make any qualitative difference in the condition of the women and, therefore, the solution to improving the lot of women lies elsewhere and not in their presence in greater number in legislatures.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. A girl child is terminated sin many cases at the very initial stage through abortion. But taking into account the acceptability the policy secured in number of Supreme Court judgments and enactments by Central and State Legislatures, essay on reservation of womens in parliament reservation policy, which started as a temporary phenomenon has come to stay as part of our equality achievement process.

Anybody could contest and anybody could be elected from any seat generally. Thomas Aquinas and given further exposure in by Antonio Rosmini-Serbati. It is amazing to note that around 10 lakh women took seats in local bodies and decisions to administer their territories however small they might be.