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This trope comes into play because, even though she will occasionally eat a human, she will never eat a child. Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: Varies, depending mainly on what sun and moon s are currently in place. Mainly the Othemites and their "Sun God", Oth, who parallel some of the nastier aspects of Christianity.

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Thus the genuinely young may be virtually indistinguishable from the deceptively old. Today, many people in the cities dismiss them as mere tales destined to scare civilization off, as their appearances in the records of history are very few indeed. Some predators have scruples about what they eat when it comes to humans.

Felarya also possesses many places of wonder though, and an untamed beauty to it that makes for an odd and fascinating counterpoint to its dangerous nature.

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Because you are delicious. She is described as a tall and slender fairy with purple skin and very long jet black hair dotted with flowers.

Rather, angels in Heaven flearya different sections of it after different religions' respective afterlives. Moreover, it's very well known for it's fabulous and legendary treasures, not least its soil. Somewhat subverted with Jora. A good portion of vegetation and plant life is deadly as well; from poisonous creepers to a huge variety of carnivorous plants.

Many of the races are tauric or demihuman animal hybrids. This page was last modified on 17 Januaryat An odd example of literal food porn. Dimensional anomalies in general are relatively common in some parts of Felarya.


Countless adventurers and explorers from many worlds have come to Felarya to try their luck, and some attempted felaryq conquer and colonize it. She's constantly manipulating pretty much everyone in Negav.

The setting is often considered too dangerous for any sensible person to visit without very good reason.

Views Read View source View history. The fairy swordsman Alvar's blindness prevents him from being lured by appearances or caught off-guard by sneak attacks, as well as being immune to most illusions. Subeta is rather secretive about why she let Marken a human be her assistant.

Mostly justifiedas many characters simply too large to feelarya clothes. See Wouldn't Hurt a Child. Everyone has this due to the magical properties of the world.

Most of these species weren't originally from this world, making the Felaryan fauna very varied, strange, and often unpredictable. Many stories describe the consumption of smaller humanoids as an addiction. May cause a change of heart if a giant predator is turned human. Back From the Dead: Pretty much justified by the fact that no religions are true. At a mere 20 feet long, his scorpion relarya may not look so impressive compared to many others beings of Felarya, but felzrya shell is harder than the hardest diamond, and no weapon of any kind has ever been able to scratch it.

In addition to being an OEL MangaFelarya is an active world-building community where fan-created stories, not entirely unlike Fan Fictionare created and ideas to expand and elaborate upon the structure of the world are encouraged.

Many stories telarya this as a basic premise. There are actually only four established instances where the guardians are said to have intervened directly:.

Friend to All Children: This page was last modified on 4 Augustat The races chlaena and cecaelias, octopus and squid hybrids, respectively.

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