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July 10, - Could you please update the Package to gImageReader 2. Here are the steps I took: It states "Tesseract-ocr is now included in the package.

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After a couple of seconds the system announced that Tesserart had stopped running. October 22, - 3: Please update and add more languages.

gImageReader Online – rollApp

Thanks for your Efforts but could you please update the Package to the newest Release? Tried extracting the whole package, or just the.

Tesseract-ocr is now included in the package. Anyone used to tesseract will find that gImageReader preserves all the core functions of the OCR software.

It features a very simple GUI based on several buttons.

Users will find the tool highly valuable, as it allows one full and intuitive access to one of the most powerful OCR applications available. I am using the versions that is packed within gImageReader Portable 0. If some one is wirking with this program, specially in languages other than English, I'll appreciate of what amendments was done to make it work.

Package: gimagereader (2.93-2)

The main change gimgereader to 3. I looked in both Tesseract and gImageReader's bug trackers and I didn't see anything related to scanning. July 4, - I'd suggest trying a local install of the two programs and try scanning from there. Once this dialog is dismissed, a second dialog shows, stating that recognition failed, that it is due to a bug in Tesseract and prompted me to try scanning at gimqgereader resolutions what I did, fruitlessly.

I'll definitely look into documenting this.

July 10, - VMMap Dec 13, Over million app downloads. October 22, - 8: I don't know which dictionary you're using exactly, but Gimagerdader was able to successfully run gImageReader with the US English one.

gImageReader Manual

December 30, - 3: Gimxgereader I try to read an image with any language other than the English one I get an error saying tesseract. October 21, - 2: June 24, - 3: Create new account Request new password. English works every time, even on non-English languages. Therefore, it can be highly valuable for streamlining users' experience when accurate OCR tasks are required. Nonetheless, I replaced them and started gImageReaderPortable again.

Can someone confirm they've.

I've tried multiple languages, none of them works. The program allows several operations on the source documents. These include rotating views by 90 degrees, zooming in or out, as well as modifying basic image controls.

I selected English as the language for recognition process there is nothing to choose from, though And started recognition. New in gImageReader 3. If you still get an error, I'd assume that it's with the programs themselves and not the portable version. Sep 27th, GPLv3.

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