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I want a skinnable body ;D. Laughed my ass off. Nice technology used, but game is boooring after few minutes.

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Stefan you're a fucking joke!! Very cool music and "ouch" sounds: I'm joining the craze a bit late I guess, but there goes: Somebody tell us the secret, damnit!

It's one of the best game ideas I saw in the last few years ; "I want a bloodpatch. It's very fun game! And might even keep it so until I get around to releasing a new version. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Disable this feature for this session.

I only add a thumbs down because I don't want to go with the herd. Read the license if you've been thinking about trying this yourself like those Jackass people on MTV, and if you still are serious, be more decent to yourself and get really loaded.

porrasturvat hacking « codeblog

I have just read in Slashdot that there was a hack porasturvat Brutalizers, supposed to allow much bigger force. What an impressive amount of comments. And if you enjoy this game you can also check out ' Truck Dismount ', in which you are trying to hurt him by running his truck into a wall.

The game can be obtained at http: What about a Benny Hill version? Stair Dismount uses ragdoll physics for it's characters.

I'd like to be able to hit potrasturvat harder and down a greater variety of surfaces.

Porrasturvat™ - Stair Dismount™

Spent hours on this game years back, don't regret any of them. So you are actually doing him a favor and don't have to feel bad about pushing an innocent person down the stairs.

This game is a loth of fun in the start. We still want a skinnable version! Senseless violence is always fun. Now featured in slashdot too. Sometimes you get high scores, sometimes you get low scores. And where the fuck can I find the patch that is showed in this photo? This game is very funny! You see, the person you are pushing down the stairs is actually the legendary superhero Spector.

This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat Trying to learn this stuff! The head, arms, legs? I made the game and I believe it's way easier to cheat by other ways than trying to edit the score file or the online submitted score packet which both are "crypted" a bit and have checksums. It drives down through the stairs and he'll jitterbug for 80kk damage fairly consistantly before starting a slow tumble down the stairs. When it is at the desired force, the player presses enter to deliver the final blow.

In fact, i'm mad of it!!! This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? I've wasted hours playing that!!

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