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Triplane turmoil 2

There are two video modes to choose from for multiplayer, the regular VGA , in essence four single-player screens with the addition of a horizontal indicator on each screen, or VESA SVGA , a faster mode in which the entire map is displayed in three bars running across the screen, affording a view of all other planes and all of the terrain. Shooter video games DOS games video games Freeware games Linux games Video games developed in Finland Video game clones video games Windows games Windows-only games Formerly proprietary software Commercial video games with freely available source code Open-source video games. In Triplane Turmoil II it is your job as a pilot to defeat five other nations in a quest for world dominance.

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A sure-fire way to avoid flak fire is to fly very low; depending on the elevation of the turret and the angle of the gun, the shell may be able to go higher than the operating ceiling of the target.

Triplane Turmoil II for Windows () - MobyGames

They are quick to fire, sending up bursts of 5 bullets at a faster rate than aircraft machine guns at quick, regular intervals. Their machine gun, their bombs, in both a ground-attack role and as a primitive air-to-air missile, triplae, if certain game parameters allow it, the chassis of the aircraft itself in a kamikaze attack.

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Retrieved from " https: Combat takes place on one of 6 maps, and either 2-on-2 alliances are enabled or the game is a free-for-all. The initial trippane, however, did not contain the online multiplayer game. Oh man, this brings back so much memories.

Triplane Turmoil II by Interregnum ::

Tents and towers often feature, but have no game significance, rather, they are something to practice on. Ceristimo 1 point DOS version. Depending on preferences, there may be turrets and infantry. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If you have trouble to run Triplane Turmoil, read the abandonware guide first! Just one click to download at full speed!

There is no story to the multiplayer mode, and the makeup of any utrmoil alliances determine whether two allies share one side of the map, or whether players' bases are next to their enemies. Log In Sign Up. Download Triplane Turmoil We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Triplane Turmoil DOS - Triplane Turmoil II is not for cadets. The current state of affairs is that there are 4 major feuding powers: Each nation has a six-mission long single player campaign. Forgot your username trplane password? There are also multiplayer levels which can be played with human or computer controlled pilots.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In triplsne, the game includes over 30 multiplayer maps, some of which are suitable for 36 players while others are intended for less.

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Damage is indicated by smoke trails. Thus, the final mission in any campaign is a last stand against overwhelming odds.

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Each nation features a six mission single-player campaign, while the online multi-player mode introduces thirty challenging maps! Multiplayer for up to four players missing human pilots can be substituted with AI for triplnae or even two-against-two teamplay is also a near-perfect platform to check who's the toughest of the local armchair triplane pilots.

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