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Lutz roeder reflector

NET Reflector Debacle I'm not surprised because previously when they released a new version, the one that was installed on my computer would automatically see the new release and fail to work until i upgraded. Guy March 23, It asked me if I wanted to upgrade, I said "no", then it deleted itself!! Not an intelligent move and whoever made this business decision should be escorted from the building to fill out a job application somewhere else. Of course RedGate should follow a profitable business model; however from what I have read, the company has angered almost everyone who used Reflector.

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The Red Gate and .NET Reflector Debacle - Rick Strahl's Web Log

I hope there is another Lutz Roeder out there. Then a month back Red Gate started making noise about a new Version Version 7 which would be commercial. On 10 January Red Gate announced that. Views Read Edit View history.

NET application that needs to access. NET Reflector can be used to track down performance problems and bugsbrowse classes, and maintain or help become familiar with code bases. Ewen March 20, Danielle March relector, NET Reflector 6 available for free to existing users while new users will have to pay for Reflector.

Lutz Roeder releases Reflector · Thomas Freudenberg

Sorry Red Gate luz, you've lost my trust. We love you, man! Think about the millions of. Archived from the original on 2 July Also, Mono also has a decompiler, as blogged by Miguel de Icaza at http: There is now only one search window F3.

It will show the metadataresources and XML documentation. NET Reflector 6 along with a commercial Pro edition that enabled users to step into decompiled code in the Visual Studio debugger as if it were their own source code.

So, as far as I am rfflector, not having a cracked RedGate tool pack made me not buy one. It can be used to effectively convert source code between C and Visual Basic.

Signed up so will find out soon enough. I was really turned off RG when they started trolling through Stack Overflow peppering old questions to do with database versioning with not-so-subtle advert-answers. While previous versions of Reflector partly reflechor the CLR Reflection infrastructure, the new version 4.

.NET Reflector

As a bit of history: In February Red Gate released. It luta be a commercial vendor IMHO, but wondering who? Other add-ins allow debugging processes.

Guy March 23, No more free version - and a shit storm broke out in the community. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. You can enable side-by-side versioning in the options dialog but it is suggested to avoid this if possible.

NET developers on a regular basis? Retrieved from " https: Jeff Putz March 23, PS What happens with all the freely provided plugins?

Lutz Roeder releases Reflector 4.0

A ltuz of ruckus and noise ensued in the community back then about what would happen with the tool and… for the most part very little did.

There is a call tree and inheritance-browser. Amidst the Red Gate outrage a new library called ILSpy has sprung up and providing at least some of the core functionality of Reflector with an open source library.

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