Case study of water pollution in ganga river

Retrieved 4 July It has been suggested that National Mission for clean Ganga be merged into this section. Indian Government had launched Ganga Action Plan I with the motive of cleaning the river and it turned out to be a failure. Retrieved 14 April The Gangotri glacier which is the source of Ganges River and one of the largest glaciers in Himalayan Range is retreating at a very high speed.

People utilising the water, no matter if it is consuming the water or just using the casw to bathe, wash clothes, they might suffer from water-borne disease such as diarrhea and cholera Marine animals living inside the Ganges River will die as a result of poisoning from the pollutants. In rivee delta zone this rises to over per km 2.

With the diversion of Manasarovar lake water to Ganga basin, Lake Rakshastal would turn into a Soda lake with further increase case study water pollution ganga river water salinity which is useful in abstracting the water-soluble chemicals on commercial scale. The ash is dumped into ponds from case study water pollution ganga river a slurry is filtered, mixed with domestic wastewater, and then released into the Pandu River.

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The Second phase of Ganga Action Plan was started in the case study water pollution ganga river and in spite of spending millions of rupees the situation of pollution In Ganges River has worsened.

Idols of God and Goddess are immersed in Ganges River once the festival is over. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Today, the river symbolizes purification to millions of Hindus who believe that drinking or bathing in its waters will lead to moksha, or salvation.


Greater movement of Humans have caused an ecological disturbance in the region and do this the Uttrakhand Government placed a restriction on a number of people trekking to Gangotri Glacier. I would thank all my readers for reading such a long article nearly words case study water pollution ganga river ricer urge all of you to provide your feedback and suggestions to tackle the pollution in Ganges River.

Retrieved 15 July Socio-economic importance The Ganga basin is one of the most populous regions on Earth, home to million people at an average density of over individuals per case study water pollution ganga river kilometre.

I can give few more examples that will further prove how critical the condition of Ganges River in India is but it will only lengthen the article.

Notwithstanding some delay in the completion of the first case study water pollution ganga river of the GAP it has generated considerable interest and set the scene for evolving a national approach towards replicating this program for the other polluted rivers of the country. In last two decades, the rate of recession was recorded as 34 meters per years and going by this speed the glacier will be nowhere by The sanctity of the agreement is not preserved by the state and central governments of India after independence though it is legally valid.

From times immemorial, the Ganga has been India’s river oollution faith, devotion and worship. These rivers further increase the level of pollution in Ganges River.


Proposed states and territories Ethnic relations Religious conflicts Religious violence Secularism Separatist movements. Retrieved 21 September The government has to spend a lot of money to clean up the pollution in the Ganges River, affecting the economy.

University of Chicago Press. Thus Bangladesh would also benefit immensely with this coastal reservoir project. Wxter of the dams being constructed along the Ganges basin will submerge warer areas of nearby forest. Typical daily scene along the Case study water pollution ganga river River, India. In addition, a series of cascading barrage cum bridges are to be constructed across the river from Kanpur to Allahabad to increase the surface area of impounded polluted water in the river so that it serves as vast natural oxidation ponds.

Case study of water pollution case study water pollution ganga river waetr river. Most of the water available at the upstream of the Kanpur barrage is used during dry season for the cities drinking water needs. Few important points to note here are:. There has been a sharp increase in solo traveling as well as in group traveling and it is another important factor causing Ganges River Pollution.