Accessed October 25, The first phase between shows that inequality in income distribution narrowed the ratio of highest to lowest 20 per cent income group decreased from 7. Writing applications for job to different institute suited to him. Pakistan poverty rate continuous to rise. Pakistan at the moment houses the largest number of youth in its history.

Case Study on Unemployment in Pakistan Paper

When the unemployment rate is low, jobs are secure and relatively easier to find. In addition, agricultural census also provides information on employment in the agriculture sector, the biggest employer of labor force, over 44 per cent or Today robberies, case study on unemployment in pakistan and kidnapping for ransom have become a fearsome fixture of life in the country.

Not only it is hard to find a job but the high level of unemployment has also hurt those already employed in a unempployment way.

The private investor shifted their capital to other countries. Tens of thousands of graduates leaving the universities every year are finding it harder to find a suitable employment.

By using this method we clearly explain to the respondents the objectives of the survey and the exact mature of data case study on unemployment in pakistan, and persuaded them to give the required stuey. Now a days professional and technical education necessary for our society. Vacancies are less, but job seekers are more than that. We will write a custom paper sample on Case Study on Unemployment in Pakistan specifically for you. Of course, there are thousands who are willing to fill the space at whatever the salary may pakjstan.


If the unemployment rate of 6. Other reason is that in Pakistan, things are not handled in appropriate manner. Societies which fail to provide gainful and secure employment to their people invite political instability, social unrest and economic insecurity. This also shows that case study on unemployment in pakistan 2. Target population means the population about which we wish to draw inferences. The attitude of our youth towards the choice of a career is also unrealistic and unproductive.

We have to conductive proper survey and collect the data through questionnaire and after case study on unemployment in pakistan of the data Population census and periodic Labor Force Surveys are the major sources of data on labor supply, employment and unemployment in Pakistan. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Following recommendations and suggestions in order to reduce the unemployment in society. A person is employ if he is able to work and looking for work. Working with out pay in order in get experience and training. The questionnaire is designed in English language. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.


Findings and Suggestions for Unemployment in Pakistan Unemployment: As much as The higher growth rate of population is the major causes of unemployment. The level of unemployment is moving up.

Case Study on Unemployment in Pakistan – Research Paper Example :

Pakistan successfully completed a stand by agreement with the IMF in i. The average annual rate of growth in global exports was 6.

The elements have been involved in kidnapping and killing foreign national in the country, resulting in the deteriorating image of Pakistan worldwide.