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At IATA we are often using simulation technology whenever one of our consulting studies requires a very detailed and accurate LoS Assessment. What tools were used in the LoS framework development? Every year during spring time we all hear about hundreds of airports being awarded — at least the ones that participate in these customer satisfaction programs. Are there now clearer standards for service level comparisons? Login to add to list.

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As the LoS iiata addresses all passenger areas that are fundamental for their processing, I think the improved LoS will not only improve security and immigration, but the whole passenger journey at the airport, on the departures, arrivals and transfer side. So overall, rather than doing a service benchmarking with other airports, the main purpose of the LoS Concept is to objectively assess where airports stand in terms of LoS and then to potentially tackle areas of concern.

How big a role did simulation tools play?

Be the first to add this to a list. Please give us some background about the previous Level of Service LoS and why it needed a major update. The actual framework was developed by airport experts, taking advantage of their great experience in terminal planning and operations. In order words, if correctly applied, these new technologies can enhance the passenger experience and LoS.

Open arm the public ; Airport users will get a good service level with sufficient space and acceptable waiting times, whereas airports and airlines will get cost-effective terminals with efficient facilities. What are the major improvements of the revised LoS and how do they benefit airports, airport tenants, airlines and airports users?

This ensures that the reference manual is virtually accessible either via laptop or cloud computing and easily updateable when new information is available.

Born in the USA. This information is absolutely essential for airports — in order to be prepared for the future, ensuring that there will be sufficient capacity to process the future iaa with a good service level.

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Notes "A major revision of These addm are based on passenger surveys covering many different service aspects — from waiting times, Wi-Fi quality, toilet cleanliness etc. For further information, contact IATA at or visit http: This single location in South Australia: You see, these five improvements clearly benefit all airport stakeholders.

Vietnam's opens impressive new gateway to Halong Bay.

Learning from the hospitality industry. Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"?

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For this sophisticated approach we were using a comprehensive simulation tool that can properly reflect all the dynamic aspects of passenger processing and behaviors. Can you describe examples where the new LoS iats airports better cope with traffic growth challenges?

Skip to content Skip to search. ACI Europe defends user charges and iqta right for state's to privatise airports The big picture Birmingham Airport in the UK unveils draft master plan New report shows the economic power and importance of aviation ACI joins forces with IATA to highlight efforts to combat human trafficking.

How does the LoS help airports compare their competitive status with that of other airports? While previous versions of the ADRM were only available in traditional bound paper format, the 10th edition is entirely electronic and delivered through licensed copies via an interactive CD ROM. Are there now clearer standards for service level comparisons? The background of this collaboration relates to the fact that the interests of airlines and airports are very closely linked, i.

How did the IATA — ACI World partnership come together on this project to enhance the previous LoS and how did the two parties complement each other in representing the needs of operators and users of airports? Which elements of the new LoS will have the most impact on improved customer service?

Rising traffic Silo thinking. With the simulation tool we can not only simulate conditions in the past, but also expected circumstances in the future — which allows us to also anticipate what LoS will prevail.

In addition, when passengers have to queue only for short periods, they are happy and tend to spend more in the shops and restaurants — making also the tenants happy. Therefore, we have paid special attention to the LoS Concept when updating our manual — as mentioned before, we have even completely revised the LoS Concept iataa related guidelines. Has architectural and airport planning expertise been utilized in the development of the new LoS?

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