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New modules for greater workflow The new modules for 3D staircases, 3D form panels, 3D stacks, and 3D pallet assignment in Strakon ensure more streamlined workflows. Accessories The menu Accessories contains the various construction aids and the archived and reusable drawing symbols, details and other files, e. After calling one of the plot or print commands, the output device must be selected. Generalities about Saving a plan If the drawing is being saved for the first time, it is automatically stored in the current working directory. As a rule, the mesh representation displays the combined information from the main and count views.

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DICAD Strakon Premium 2017

Mark click the symbol SECT2 in the shortlist. For example, when the size of a footing is altered the reinforcement is automatically made to stralon, bars are automatically lengthened or shortened, added or removed as necessary. Once the respective elements have been assigned to each subdetail, the concrete covers can be assigned descriptions in the following dialog box.

Other Civil Engineering Softwares Software. The strakonn point of this rectangle has to be placed diagonally to the lock of the stirrup at its direction line, which is laying parallel to the opened stirrup leg.

DICAD | Products: 2D/3D/BIM CAD Systems for Structural Engineering and Precast Construction

The input of the number of irons Ex.: Define the pen thickness: Elements in displayed layers can also be picked active or displayed for reference only. The vertical formwork edge and P4 have to be marked. Help windows Opens the known help windows for key definition, pointer commands, drawing texts and click functions as well as a display of the information for the current drawing: Skip to main content.

The mesh type can be selected from the lower toolbar. atrakon

Entries can only be made in the current segment marked by a solid border line. The values would be entered into the dialog box which has opened. The spacing of the irons would strakoj calculated by the program then. MV 39 Shape definition: The designer or project manager can decide within a project which method is strwkon or useful. Multiple segments in one drawing There is a difference between the active or current and inactive segments.

From point 6 old point of referencelast entered, enter the coordinate 0. Work directory Change or make a new working directory. The leg starts at this point. The X coordinate must be entered first. More transparency by a new model structure The new Strakon model structure supports easier and faster work in the 3D model.

DICAD Strakon Premium - Civil Engineering Community

Sheet size and scale can also be taken over from the previous drawing. Next to the actual drawing surface these are the upper and lower tool and input bar as well as the right toolbar. Additionally, the count view can be used to define the length of a single bar leg, especially for variable length legs of a reinforcement item.

These reinforcement samples can then be called up and placed in derived form into similar objects at any time. Automatically generated lists of stacks are output, in addition to 3D representations. Thereby it is necessary that during entry the upper formwork edge is sttakon and the drafted iron is crossing the existing stirrup laying, so strakkon the automatically edge distance determination could be used. The option Convert to target format is set by default. Additional options The desired settings for the external reinforcement schedules can be made in an additional dialog box.

After calling one of the plot or print commands, the output device must be selected.

Inquiries can be made for the mark line placement, the text position, the leg, hook and overlap lengths, the bar representation text, additive value for the item number, the diameter, the spacing between the bars and the position of the bar representation.

A cover sheet can be printed, regardless of the schedule selected. Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc.

If only an X value is to be entered, the comma and zero for the Y value can be disregarded e.

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