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Dota imba 6.77 ai

Can you please fix the bug! Hopefully the translation will be fixed. I would like the "fun" mapmakers to add the characters from the family guy, american dad, the simpsons, futurama, and bob's burger The new tavern heroes disappears although unpicked except for item master.

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Dota Ai 6.77b

Game hangs after being eqipped with Aghanim's Scepter. Talk less do more.

There is also a bug here too I think its very disrespectful and awful to rename everything to Chinese shit. Lion stun damage only Aleria shuckle shot not working if AI's hp lower than half.

Still the bug persist for -apdm when re-picking another hero. Top 5 Dota Maps: These items allow great new gameplay combos and tactics, try it out! U need 3 heroes.

Mirana's imba arrow, Zeus' Ulti. Ice Phoenix is a hero steal! Hopefully the translation will be fixed. Feel free to surf my blog post:: My webpage diablo 3 barbarian guide. I had the CN version of this map, indeed it's fun to play. Finally, I defeated Bears Slayer Oznake!! Meat hhok tooltip is missing.

When Void AI casts Skill 1, later I found that after one of these times, Void's armor is invulnerable and stop walking And your grammar and spellings are fucking horrible. Zeus's lightning bolt does not work anymore when Zeus reaches a certain level. D Here's the link: Get Updates via Email! Wanna kill ia fast.

DotA AI Fun vc Map Download - DotA AI Fun | Dota-Utilities

Bear slayer OzNake Roshan hp doesnt change much I'll give an example line up that i think can help you kill OzNake. I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!! And no chinese bullshit letters either. You mentioned that you try it with your 3 other friends.

Just download this replay! Skip to content Gaming- Tools. I have to choose the bots obligatorily, there is no command to appear automatically?

Dota 6.88 Ai Map Download

Desolator has an Imba effect too. After i killed the Bear slayer. To play Dota 6.

The hardest part of it is when the bears life is below 10k, it will have a maelstrom-like skill that deals massive damage, you can use -refresh to fix this. Same item with Nev. Another fun map, but there is still a lot of bugs that you need to fix.

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