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6.76b dota map

Anonymous November 1, at 8: We still should give thanks to the Developer of the Version. Hua Cai August 6, at 3:

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Mohsin Mushtaq October 25, at 5: I am SO psyched-out and thrilled for the next AI release. Nothing will change, unless you gave him a free apartment on Munich.

Anonymous October 24, at 4: Anonymous October 27, at Steelix October 22, at 8: We have always continuing support for the AI Maps Developer Check also DotA 6. Anonymous November 23, at 9: DotA still the best than DotA2 nothing compares!!!

Version 6.76b

A lot of thanks ice frog that u still working on a game which is more than 10 years old, 6.76g my most favourite.

How long we will wait for this AI Map please release it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous November 20, at 5: Read more here dlta Unoffical map is many bugs!! They Surely have beta testers, but its impossible to find all bugs if there are a lot of changes.

Subscribe Get the latest updates by email: Hua Cai August 6, at 3: Dota2 News Patch 6. Please before November release that 6.

DotA c AI Map Download | Dota-Utilities

Anonymous November 3, at 3: Moz October 22, at 3: PBMN i hope you could fixed about a catapult not being hit by ai hero when cata hitting the tower.

PBMN, can you make 6. Dota Official Mapfeed. Anonymous October 26, at 1: Luxe Coach Purses June 5, at 6: Am I right ma I am right?

Anonymous October 25, at 1: Empowering Haste y u no give dmg? Bara's charge is very imba and I love it Care to read his statement? Anonymous October 26, at 8: Anonymous October 28, at 9: Release the AI Map were so excited for 6.

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