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Does she envy them? Call of Duty Zombies Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct - regarding all site regulations and guidelines as a user of the website - can be found here. It's silent because the town has long been abandoned. In this solemn field of silence The field in question refers to either the town or more specifically the courtyard. You don't want to exist.


Move the highest blue onto the moving block, then move it off to the right at the bottom to clear all three. Move the leftmost grey onto the moving block, then right onto the highest ledge, then move it all the way to the right to clear all three greys. Move the rightmost circle onto the moving block, then right onto the upper ledge, then drop it off to the right so that it's on top of an emerald. Move the highest grey down to the left to clear it with the other grey. Do the same for the blues.

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